‘Candy Crush’ game may have a new feature that puts players in a candy coma: Report

“There’s no denying it,” says Steve O’Connor, chief product officer for the video game company, “that it’s the most addictive game in the world.”

That’s according to a new report by NPD Group, which also reported on the top ten games with the most downloads, sales, and social media activity.

Candy Clash is the No. 1 title on the list with an average of over 4.7 million users per day, with a total of 6.7 billion games downloaded to date.

That’s up from 3.5 billion downloads in 2016, which was the peak year for the title.

According to NPD, Candy Crush’s average monthly active user growth rate is almost four times that of Clash of Clans, with Candy Crush averaging an average growth rate of 1.3 percent per month.

While the title is gaining momentum in popularity, the game is not without problems.

In fact, the NPD report found that Candy Crush has an average rating of 8.4 out of 10.

It’s one of the lowest ratings for any mobile game on the market.