‘It was not a normal night’: Midwest’s Owyhee is back on the road

The Midwestern sheet metal group Owyhees have returned to the UK after a two-week break following the tragic death of their lead singer, Michael “The Midwife” Oweyhee.

The band will be touring again with the band from September 16 to 18, and a new album will follow the band’s 2016 release, which featured the band performing live in the studio.

The group are now touring across the UK, playing shows in Manchester, Leeds, Leeds West and Sheffield, and will be playing two sold-out shows at the Westfield O2 Academy in Birmingham.

In the past week alone, the band have played at Newcastle’s St Andrew’s Hall, Liverpool’s O2 Arena, Leeds’ O2 Forum, Glasgow’s Royal Albert Hall and Bristol’s O1 Arena.

They are also set to play at Reading’s Reading Festival, the Reading and Leeds Music Festival, and Manchester’s Belly Up festival.

“It was just so much to do and be able to share with people all over the world, and it was a special feeling to be able back in the UK again,” OwyHEES guitarist/vocalist Steve McIlroy said.

“We’re so excited to get back together again, and we know it’s going to be a great show!”

OwyHewhees are a band who’ve always been about the community and their friends, so it was no surprise to see the band come back to the city in support of the OwyHees and their new album.

“After the recent death of our singer, we wanted to make a statement about what was happening in the world,” Owymewheel’s drummer Alex Gough said.

The Owymews band have been performing in the community for many years, playing festivals around the UK.

“When we came back to play, the people were just so supportive,” Gough added.

“They really embraced the band and the fact that we were back in their city.

We’ve had so many amazing people come up to us and tell us they’re excited to see us again.”

When we were in Leeds in August, the OwymEWhees brought the Owyshees to the Reading Festival to play with us and they came back and saw the fans coming out for the Owyghees, and the excitement in the air.

It was just the most magical feeling.