How to fix the metal roofing clamps that broke in your car

You may think your car roof is made of steel but that is only one part of the story.

The roofing that comes with your car could be made from plastic or metal, and when it comes to fixing it you may need to use some metal tools or drill holes in the roof to make it bendable.

To fix the clamps you need to cut out the plastic or plastic sheet metal and drill holes.

Then you will need to bend the sheet metal to the right shape to attach it to the metal.

Here is how to do it.

The metal sheet will bend around the edges of the metal clamp.

This will allow the metal to be pushed back into the metal and out of the way.

You can bend the metal into the right angle to get the clamp to work, but it may take some time to get it all right.

The clamp can then be drilled to the correct angle.

Here are some pictures of the finished product.

Once you have all the correct holes drilled, you need some metal clippers to help you reach the metal sheet.

Use a little bit of a hammer to get into the plastic sheet to loosen it up a bit.

Then use your hand to pry the plastic out from under the metal sheets metal.

You will be able to see where it is sticking to.

You should be able use a flat-head screwdriver to push the plastic back into place.

Now that the metal is out of your way, you can attach the sheet to the clamp.

Start by carefully lifting the metal off of the clamp and holding it up to the light.

You may need a bit of force to do this so the clamp is still able to bend.

Then you need something to hold the clamp securely.

You could use something like a wire tie, but you might want to use a metal sheet or some plastic to hold it in place.

You also need some glue to hold this metal sheet in place, because the metal will not be able back into it.

Once the metal has been secured, it will be a little easier to use the clamp on your car.