A house with a sheet metal cutting machine: a DIY project for a hobbyist

I first stumbled across the sheets metal cutting machines at my local thrift store about five years ago, when a friend of mine, who was interested in thrifting, recommended me to buy a few. 

She was not impressed, but eventually bought two and has since enjoyed them. 

When we saw the sheet metal sheets, she thought I was crazy for not using an electric saw, so I decided to build one for myself. 

My first attempt was not nearly as successful as I would have liked, but I did make a few improvements that will allow me to build a very nice metal sheet for the next DIY project. 

The first step is to locate a sheet of plywood.

I bought one of the old, unused plywood from my thrift shop, but if you don’t have any plywood laying around, then you can make your own. 

Lay your sheet of sheet metal on the floor of your workshop and then mark where your sheet will be cut.

You can mark where you want your cut to go with a tape measure or pencil. 

I chose to cut down my sheet metal to one square inch, so the cutting is done with my saw. 

Cut the wood to your desired size, and then use a router to cut it to your exact size. 

To make sure you don.t lose your cut, remove the saw from the drill press, and carefully clean the blade with a rag or drywall cleaner. 

Place the saw blade over the piece of ply you want to cut. 

Once you have the cut you want, mark where the edge of the blade will land on the wood.

I cut my cut in the center and then marked a spot where the blade would end up, so it would land on one of my marks. 

Remove the saw and gently sand the blade. 

Sand the blade in the direction of the grain of the wood so it doesn’t slip off. 

If you have a fine saw, you can also use a small flat head screwdriver or the small metal bit to do this. 

Then cut the piece to the desired length and sand it in the same direction. 

Apply a thin coat of clear coat to the blade surface to keep the edge from sticking out too much. 

After the blade has been sanded, you should now have a piece of sheet of metal that is exactly 1.5″ wide and 1.25″ long. 

Take your saw blade and gently drill a hole through the plywood, so that the edge will fit through the hole. 

You should then have a sheet that fits into the hole, with the edge facing the wall. 

Using a router, you will use your saw to make the cut.

I used a drill bit to drill holes that were 1/8″ deep, then used my sanding block to make a shallow depression in the bottom of the hole and use a thin layer of clear tape to seal the hole before moving on to the next piece of wood. 

 Once the cuts are made, use a pair of scissors to trim the edges of the ply wood.

You may want to use some tape to secure the cuts to the surface. 

This is what the end result will look like after you’ve cut the sheet of paper. 

For more pictures of the process, check out the tutorial below. 

Here is a video of the entire process. 

Assembling a sheet for a DIY HomeBuilding project This is what a finished piece of paper will look at home: This video demonstrates how the sheet will look, along with the steps to build it. 

Now that you have your sheet, you are ready to get started. 

Materials you will need: A sheet of 1.75″ plywood(2 x 2 x 2 inches) A 3/4″ wood dowel(2 feet, 1/2″ diameter) Scissors(2) Paperclips(1) Tools: 1-1/2″ drill bit (or drill bit holder) Small screwdriver(1), or a large flat head Screwdriver(2, 3/16″) Small metal bit(1, 2-1/.5″) Wood glue (optional) Gauze or duct tape (optional, but good for covering the blade) Safety glasses (optional), and safety belt(optional)