Which players are likely to be promoted from Serie A to Serie B next season?

The transfer window is just around the corner, and the transfer window in general has become the biggest in Serie A history.

The Premier League will have over 20 players promoted this season and will feature a maximum of 16 players, which is around half of the entire league. 

The other half of that is the second division and is split up into six groups of five. 

In the first group, Milan, Lazio, Udinese, Udina, Sampdoria and Udinese will all be promoted, with the remaining four teams relegated.

The remaining clubs will be promoted in groups of three, with Lazio and Udina in the group of death, while Udinese and Lazio will join up with Sampdori in the next group.

In the third group, Napoli, Lazioso and Udine will all join up, and Napoli will join the other two in the fourth group. 

A total of 30 players will be able to move up in the Serie A hierarchy. 

Lazio have already had two players promoted, and Udini, who had only recently joined Napoli’s first team, will be up next, as will Lazio striker Alessandro Diamanti, who has only been playing in the second tier this season. 

Sampdoria are the only other side that will not be promoted this year, with Sampoli currently in Serie B’s second tier, and it will be a case of how well the club do in the league, with only four games left to play. 

With eight games remaining, only four teams will be allowed to qualify for the Europa League, which will be played between February and March. 

Only one of those four clubs will make it, with Napoli and Udines first and second, respectively. 

Napoli will be relegated with Udini and Laziosos second, with Udinese moving up to the second-tier after they qualified for the competition via a draw. 

If Napoli lose to Lazio in the Europa, Udini will have played their final games in Serie D, which means Lazio’s second-placed finish will have taken them into the Europa. 

While Udini have qualified for Europa, Napolitano has been left out of the running. 

Should Napoli beat Lazio at Napoli on Sunday, they will be on their way to Europa League qualification, with a spot at the tournament being the most difficult goal in football.