How to avoid getting hit with an electric shock while driving

A Florida man is fighting to get his license plate number back after he was accidentally hit with a Tesla car while he was trying to drive it.

Trent Nelson told the Tampa Bay Times he was going to a friend’s house for dinner at about 11:45 p.m.

Tuesday when he noticed the Tesla’s front left rear window was being struck by an electric motor.

Nelson said the Tesla was parked in the driveway and he was standing in the passenger seat when he was struck.

The Tesla was in the middle of a turn when it hit Nelson, who was driving behind the Tesla, Nelson told CBS Tampa.

He said he was hit by a small metal object and suffered a concussion and a broken jaw.

“I’m a good guy.

I’ve been through worse.

I’m a guy who was going home from work, and I just got hit by this thing,” Nelson said.

Nelsons attorney, David McElroy, said he plans to fight the case.

McElroy told the Times that Nelson was not at fault for the accident.

“I’m not asking you to think this accident is his fault, I’m asking you not to think that this accident was his fault,” McElroys lawyer told the newspaper.

“This accident was a direct result of his actions.”