Carson, Carson campaign share video of Carson and Sanders meeting in Nevada

Carson campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henning told reporters that the campaign’s video showing the two candidates together on the campaign trail was edited out of the original broadcast.

“We were very happy to share this with the American people,” Henning said.

A spokesman for Sanders campaign did not immediately respond to CNNMoney’s request for comment.

CNNMoney’s review of the video showed that the two men hugged and shook hands, but the footage does not show the candidate giving Sanders a thumbs up.

The Sanders campaign also shared the video with its Twitter account.

Henning said in the statement that the Sanders campaign will use this video to “show that Donald Trump’s attacks on women, Latinos and African Americans are lies.”

Carson, who announced his presidential bid in July, is the first Republican to endorse a Democratic candidate.

Cristiano, who is Cuban-American, is a son of immigrants who grew up in rural areas in northern California.

He graduated from the University of California at Davis in 2007.