How to paint metal sheet art in a simple spray primer

The first thing you’ll need to do is prep your metal sheet for painting.

This step will help the paint adhere to the metal, making it easier to paint.

Here are the instructions to get started.


Place a large sheet of aluminum foil on a baking sheet.


Spray the foil lightly.


Then apply a small amount of the spray primer to the foil.


Repeat the process on the other side of the foil, spraying again.


Spray another small amount on the side of your metal plate.


This will help adhere the paint to the plate.

Use a spray brush to create a circular pattern on the metal plate, then gently spray the aluminum foil back onto the plate with a spray bottle.


Repeat on the opposite side.

Repeat this process for all sides of the metal sheet.

This step takes a few minutes.

If you need a quick fix, you can spray the foil with an adhesive sprayer on the back side of a paintbrush. 


The final step is to spray the metal foil directly onto the aluminum plate, making sure that it doesn’t stick.

You may need to brush on the foil again if it’s still stuck.

This is what happens when you spray the paint directly onto your metal:You’re done!

You’re done painting! 


You can then put your metal foil back on your aluminum plate.

It will still be coated with the spray paint.