Platinum sheet metal from China worth $1.5 billion

Platinum, a metal used in sheeting, is a metal with a silver content that can be used to make the most expensive metal in the world.

A report from CNBC and the Bloomberg Businessweek newspaper shows that the cost of this metal is about $1 billion.

It is one of the highest-priced metals in the United States and its price has risen by about 70 percent since the start of the year.

But the report notes that the metal is also used in a wide range of items that aren’t platinum.

One such item is the U.S. military’s F-35 fighter jet.

That’s not the only one of its kind, according to the report.

In May, Boeing bought a company that makes aircraft-body parts that are made of the metal, known as composites, for about $2.8 billion.

That acquisition included an $8.6 billion contract with the U-2, an aircraft that is a derivative of the Boeing 707.

It was announced in May that the F-15 was going to be made out of composite.

Boeing’s announcement is just one example of the demand for materials that can withstand the high temperatures that are associated with jet engine combustion.

The materials used to build the aircraft are also used to create the engines used by the F35.

A $1,000 dollar metal sheet made of titanium would be about the same price as a plane made of aluminum, the report said.

The cost of a sheet of titanium is about 1,500 times the price of a plane.

This price could change if the U and China decide to jointly develop an aircraft.