‘Lets see how many of these you can get’: Steelworkers take to metal grill sheets

Steelworkers at the U.S. Steel plant in Waco, Texas, have been working on the design of a metal grill that can help clean up the air inside a building.

The U.K.-based firm has built metal panels that can be welded together and used as a surface to clean up after metal.

The metal is being built in the form of a delta sheet metal plate that can attach to the metal plate to make the grill thinner and lighter.

The company says that using delta sheets reduces the chance of the metal moving and the use of chemicals that could lead to corrosion.

The welders at the plant say they have already found ways to make it thinner.

They are currently working on a prototype that is expected to be ready by the end of this month.

A U.J. Steel spokesman says the company has plans to build a similar type of grill that is designed to be used in a similar way to a weld machine.

This type of welders welding machine has a larger diameter than a delta, which allows it to be more compact, and it also has a stronger weld.